Introducing the Easy Button to achieve 100% energy data coverage for Carbon Reporting & Decarbonization pathway to net-zero.

The Challenge

Global & UK based Real Estate stakeholders have committed to a net-zero target by 2050 or earlier requiring portfolio owners to take real and tangible steps now to reduce the carbon intensity across their assets. In addition to annual GRESB reporting requirements, the industry faces the immanent IFRS S2 mandate by the FSB to collate and report on Scope 3 data (e.g. Carbon Reporting) on the horizon by the end of 2024, it is imperative for stakeholders to prepare, plan and execute on their compliance strategy now.

Challenge #1

Access to Energy Data: Specifically, the primary impediment to achieving the above remains the ability to access tenanted meter data across the entire portfolio ‘without gaining initial & ongoing tenant consent’.

Challenge #2

Starting The Decarbonization Journey: Critical to accelerating your journey to net-zero is the ability to transform the above-mentioned energy data into actionable insights at an asset level.

Who can benefit?

Global Commercial &/or Residential REITs, Investment-Asset Managers & Property Managers are achieving portfolio wide 100% Energy Data Coverage by partnering with arbnco.

Best practice actions

Step 1

Start Your Road To 100% Energy Data Coverage.

By leveraging arbnco’s revolutionary software platform with the power and intelligence to harvest ‘Supplier Specific’ energy consumption data from every single gas and electric meter across the UK without the need to engage your tenants.

arbnco Carbon Reporting Platform Highlights


Ability to ingest electricity & gas meter data from every UK meter


Reports on supplier specific carbon emissions/tCO2e


Ingests last 12 months energy consumption from any property and tracks automatically moving forward


No need to engage with tenant or bill payer via legitimate interest procedure


Benchmark against peer buildings, fully costed recommendations for energy conservation measures and savings tracking


Access building Level Summary Report to start the journey to Net Zero

Step 2

Start Your Decarbonization Journey to achieve net-zero:

By accessing your portfolio’s energy consumption data, you now have the ability to accelerate your pathway to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

You are in good company

Join over 100 of your peers across the UK who are benefiting from partnering with arbnco …

Director of Sustainability, Assura Plc

“arbnco’s has provided us with a cost effective and scalable software solution to access energy data and supplier specific carbon for our entire UK property portfolio supporting us on our journey to net zero.”

Director of Operations, Capital & Regional

“We thoroughly enjoy working with the arbnco team to help us with our carbon reporting and future decarbonisation needs”

Managing Director; Long Harbour Ltd

”By partnering with arbnco we have gone from minimal energy data coverage to 100% in our first year; we look forward expanding our relationship by leveraging arbnco’s capabilities to reduce our carbon footprint”

Director of Sustainability

Global Property Manager IM Fund(s)
“Before arbnco, we struggled year over year to achieve energy data access & coverage despite investing significant resources. Now with arbnco, we have achieved 100% energy data coverage for the 1st time, maximizing our points capture for GRESB while also kick-starting our decarbonization

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