Analyzing operational energy consumption for global commercial properties.

Insight assesses your building’s energy consumption using our ‘no-touch’ scale analytics algorithms to establish performance baselines, evaluate performance against industry benchmarks, and to identify energy conservation measures to achieve new performance breakthroughs.

Going deeper? Consult provides interactive, deep-dive analysis to further optimize performance, including demand reduction with battery storage and renewables potential. Sophisticated financial analysis tools inform accurate scenario planning – what should I invest in next to maximize return?

For Building Owners


Want to know how your building is performing? arbn energy analyzes past energy consumption to compare performance against an array of benchmarks to accurately characterize opportunities for improvement. Proprietary analytics accurately disaggregate consumption by end-use, which is applied to develop building-level performance-scoring. Detailed load-profiling and occupancy modeling identify ‘wastage’ – consumption above the baseline during unoccupied periods, as well as specific recommendations for improvement with detailed savings potential and cost estimates.



For Portfolio Managers


Which buildings need attention? What investments in retrofits or changes in operational policy can I make to maximize energy savings while exceeding ROI thresholds?

arbn energy provides portfolio-wide reporting and analysis to answer these questions, guiding decisions to optimize capital allocation and operating expense. Visibility into aggregate savings potential, by type, as well as opportunities to reduce peak demand or add resiliency for risk mitigation provides intelligence to your strategic planning processes.



For Utilities


Screen, Target, and Engage

Insight gives Account Managers the ability to evaluate which buildings would benefit most from energy conservation measures, as well as investments in solar, wind, or battery storage. Attention can be prioritized based on relative performance – focusing account managers on high-impact prospects. Armed with a detailed building performance analysis – a ‘virtual audit’, customers can be engaged with a deep understanding of where to look for efficiency gains.

Grid Stability

When coupled with Insight, the Consult module provides both building specific and portfolio-wide renewables potential by type, helping to resolve grid constraints and to identify requirements for load reduction programs. Consult’s investment scenario planning tools provide utilities with an aggregate forecast of planned Distributed Energy Resource investments, providing finer resolution for substation-specific demand/supply matching.




‘No-touch’ energy performance analytics for a single building or a 100,000+ building commercial portfolio.


  • Proprietary smart-meter interval data-driven machine learning algorithms perform end-use disaggregation to accurately identify specific opportunities for improvement
  • Daily load-profiles and occupancy patterns provide insight into the difference between base load energy usage and ‘wastage’ – excess energy consumption during off hours.
  • Targeted energy conservation measures provide both savings potential and region-specific cost estimates.
  • Portfolio-wide screening, targeting and reporting provide aggregate visibility of performance improvement opportunities



‘Deep-dive’ interactive performance analysis provides engaged building owners with sophisticated planning tools to evaluate which capital improvement projects yield the greatest return.

  • Interactive building survey application ‘digitizes’ energy assets to further refine savings estimates and recommendations.
  • Site-specific renewables potential and storage recommendations based on detailed load profiling and demand reduction opportunities.
  • Sophisticated investment planning tools enable trade-off analysis across energy efficiency, distributed generation and storage capital improvement projects.

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