The arbnco Building Performance Optimization Platform

From a single building to a large portfolio, we’ve got the tools to help you:

Our modular platform gives you access to the tools you need, no matter what stage of the journey you’re on.

Key Features

arbnco energy

The arbnco Energy suite guides you through the process of understanding and optimizing your building or portfolio energy performance.

It starts with the arbnco Energy Insight module. With just your energy data and some basic building information you can quickly understand how your building is using energy, where it’s being wasted, and where the greatest opportunities for savings are. Once you’ve identified where the greatest opportunities for energy savings are, you are ready to refine your plan further with the arbnco Energy Consult module.

  • Receive tailored recommendations on building-specific energy conservation measures to help you plan your next steps.
  • Low-touch analytics help you avoid costly engineering audits.

arbnco Energy Consult allows you to refine specific building-level information to fine-tune the solutions that are right for your property. Simple tools such as our interactive satellite view allows you to highlight available property and roof space to evaluate the potential for wind and solar generation.

  • Detailed analysis of your building’s energy use help identify energy efficiency, renewable potential, storage, and peak-load shedding opportunities.
  • All supported with financial planning tools to help you maximize returns.

arbnco workplace

Optimizing building efficiency and occupant comfort is no easy task. arbnco Workplace lets you connect to wireless IoT devices, view indoor environmental conditions in real-time, monitor your building against industry standards (such as those from Well, RESET, CIBSE, ASHRAE, LEED, and others), and adopt advanced control strategies with the arbnco Niagara driver.

The arbnco Workplace Environmental Sensing module captures real-time air quality and occupant comfort parameters via wireless IoT devices that can be easily and cost-effectively deployed across all occupied spaces.

  • Compare air quality against standards and generate alerts when defined thresholds are exceeded.
  • Collect feedback from users and interact with occupants.

The arbnco Workplace Environmental Controls module optimizes building performance using proprietary machine-learning algorithms to balance energy efficiency against air quality and occupant comfort objectives.


  • Easy integration with your existing building automation systems via the Tridium Niagara framework to enable rapid deployment and realization of enhanced controls.
  • Optimize schedules for compliance, certification, and optimized operation


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