We’re helping the Commercial Real Estate Sector manage the risk of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

Energy Consultants

Scale your business with arbn consult

Property/Asset Managers

View your entire portfolio at a glance using arbn estates, increase transparency and efficiently target energy performance improvements and manage MEES risk

Commercial Real Estate Investors

Use arbn estates to highlight ‘at legislative risk’ assets and at potential future legislative risk and plan & prioritise investment accordingly

Our UK Solutions

We’re one of the small businesses which has won the chance to bid to supply cloud computing services to government bodies through the G-Cloud 11 framework. arbn consult, arbn estates and arbn insight are three of our innovative solutions which can be accessed by public sector bodies on G-Cloud.

Specifically designed for MEES compliance, arbn consult provides fully costed retrofit strategies for improving energy performance in individual commercial buildings. By uploading the INP/XML file from an Energy performance Certificate, the arbn consult software identifies what retrofit measures to implement to improve the EPC rating, the cost of these measures including discounted payback periods and demonstrates the ability of each measure to achieve MEES 7-year payback rules.

Designed for Commercial Real Estate investors and subsequent stakeholders, arbn estates provides a singular source for managing energy performance and MEES compliance across large and diverse property portfolios.

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