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Our Indoor Environmental Quality monitoring platform, arbn well, provides real-time monitoring of the effects of the indoor environment on health and wellbeing, and enables organisations to understand how the quality of their real estate affects occupant satisfaction and productivity.

The arbn well platform gathers both qualitative and quantitative data, allowing for a full assessment of human experience. High quality indoor sensors provide ubiquitous monitoring of indoor environmental conditions, such as carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, temperature and humidity. This is combined with occupant engagement to gather feedback on how they feel the building is performing in human terms.

Through data collection and occupant feedback, arbn well supports other green building certification and reporting standards including: LEED, BREEAM, WELL, Fitwell, and RESET

Arc Integration

We’ve partnered up with Arc Skoru and are now the first technology partner to deliver human experience metrics into the Arc Skoru platform. Find out more about our integration with Arc.

BMS Integration and Controls Optimization

Bringing controls capabilities to the arbn well product line using continous, distributed IoT sensing and arbnco analytics for healthy, high-performance building operation.

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